How much does it cost to build a business foreign trade independent website wordpress?

Given that many of our customers come to visit us on the topics we are most concerned about, we're going to give you a general range here, just for reference.

To understand how much it costs, first of all, we need to know what is needed to build a general business foreign trade-oriented standalone site wordpress: servers, domain names and site building work.

I. The cost of servers and domain names:

Domain names are categorized into .com, .cn, .net and other different extensions to choose from, that is, we usually say the web address, you can choose from different server providers, generally .com is the most expensive, about a few dozens to more than a hundred, and the other extensions are relatively cheaper;

Servers are generally divided into virtual servers and cloud servers, our company designers generally use the most, or recommend the most is the domestic Aliyun, which contains domestic and foreign servers in many countries to choose from, the price is moderate. Because of the variety of product categories of each server provider, we will briefly describe the general difference between virtual servers and cloud servers from the common language, for reference only, if you need to know the details of the content can be their own Baidu or related server business website to query.

A general virtual server is a technology that allows a physical server to be partitioned into multiple virtual servers, each with a separate domain name and IP address. These virtual servers can run independent operating systems and applications and share the resources of the physical server, such as CPU, RAM, and storage space. Virtual server technology can be implemented through virtualization technologies such as containers, virtual hardware appliances and virtual machinesetc. The main advantage of this technique is cost savings, as it allows a high-performance server to be divided into multiple virtual servers, each of which can provide the functionality of a full server at a relatively low cost.

Cloud Server (Elastic Compute Service, ECS) is a simple, efficient, secure, and reliable computing service with elastic scaling of processing power. This service provides on-demand and pay-as-you-go capabilities based on the cloud computing model, allowing users to remotely access and control cloud servers without a deposit. Cloud servers integrate computing, storage and network resources to provide IT infrastructure capacity rental services that allow users to download software and programs and install the software to run on cloud servers.

To put it simply, virtual servers are cheaper, less configurable, and more restrictive, generally applicable to personal blog sites.

Cloud servers are more expensive, more configurable, faster, more scalable, and generally suitable for corporate and mall websites.

In general, we are recommending to customers to use cloud servers to build websites, the price is generally in the hundreds to thousands of a year, depending on the individual budget. Recommended to just start building enterprise foreign trade type product display website choose entry-level cloud server, the approximate cost of 1500-2000 yuan a year.

Second, the cost of building the station:

Depends on the needs of the enterprise on the website construction, if only to build a product display type of website plus some industry articles, etc., the general cost of 1500-2500 between, including the home page, product category page, product details page, article category page, article details page, about us, contact us and other basic site content (the cost of the rotating graphic design and production, product uploads, etc.);

If general special functional requirements are needed, we quote based on the actual difficulty and amount of work.

So the average entry-level business website costs about $3,000-$5,000 to build.

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