Is there a choice of mainstream servers in China?

Recently, many customers have asked us if they can choose a domestic server provider.

My answer is: yes. However, you have to choose a relatively regular or well-known server provider, do not listen to the recommendations of some self media or search out some of the top, because of those. You know.

General recommendations preferred Ali cloud, followed by Tencent cloud, Huawei cloud, if you want to cost-effective personal recommendation to choose the western digital.

Like Ali cloud and Tencent cloud is not recommended to choose the low configuration of the entry level, the speed is very slow, very lagging, it is recommended to choose the entry level on the upper side of the cloud server ECS.

Some people will ask they are foreign trade independent station, also choose the domestic server provider, that the United States side is not very slow access?

No, pro, you can choose a foreign room and line, coupled with site optimization and CDN, cost-effective generally better than foreign servers.

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